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Hostel For Girls: The Hostel block, equipped with study rooms, recreation center, library etc. has all modern amenities for stimulating growth of boarders, accomodating them as home away from home.



Admittance to the hostel is strictly based on the merit of the student vis-vis availability of seats. The hostel block is divided into four Houses namely Sanskar, Sanskriti, Samridhi and Krishna with each being led by capable House Masters under the Hostel Superintendent.



Delicate care is taken to provide the best academic atmosphere inside the hostel to ensure all round development of boarders' personality. While Subject teachers provide tutorial on daily basis including night coaching for intellectual development of boarders, the permanent Physical Instructor caters their sound health and fitness, as well.
Judicious Utilization of Spare Time as per the taste and liking of boarders in the form of Sports, Fine Arts, Music and Computer. Regular exposure to curricular activities and excursions. Special Remedial classes for weak students to bring them into the mainstream.


The Refectory

The new kitchen and dining facility serving pious, pure & veg dishes to entire hostel provided a peace visionary dreams. Meals prepared under the supervision of dietician are served with seasonal vegetables, fruits and sweets.


The Dormitory

Delicate care is taken to make the dormitory stay, similar to the one, children usually enjoy at home. It is a "home away from home" with ease and comfort coupled with opportunities for creative, learning & social developmental acumen.


  • The hostel has a video CD player, audio CD player and a television set, to have a little entertainment during weekends and also to listen to the news telecast through various channels. Boarders are exposed to ethical thoughts, life inspiring ideals by great educationists, seers & sages to inculacate high human values of life.

  • Adequate security measures are taken to ensure safety and well being of boarders with CCTV monitoring.

  • Permanent Resident Doctor with 24-hour ambulance facility to ward off any medical contingency.

  • Special A.C room faciltiy to desirous students also available.

  • Facilities of 24hrs R.O water and Hot water supply in winter.

Parents Visit & Payment Of Fees

Parents/ guardians are permitted to meet their wards once in a month on the second Sunday between 10 am to 4 pm. The quarterly and half yearly payment mode is also available for the willing parents. Likewise the parents are required to bring their children to the hostel or lead them out exactly on the scheduled Check-in and Check-out time as provided by the Hostel Superintendent for convenient learning & attention towards.

Parents Visit & Payment Of Fees

As the student is enrolled in the hostel for at least one academic year; no withdrawal is permitted in the mid-session. However, it is expected that boarders should maintain the decent behavior and discipline inside the hostel block failing which the hostel management can issue marching orders. In brief, each and every boarder receives individual care, personal attention and adequate comfort to make education a meaningful and enjoyable experience with homely feelings.

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